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15 December 2015

Severe gale off Jervis Bay nearly claims another ship

The schooner Adeona ‘s luck escape.
Tuesday 15 April 1862

The 115 tons Schooner Adeona,  J.Welsh master.
On a trip between Sydney and Adelaide was overtaken by a Southerly Gale when off Jervis Bay.
She suffered severe damage loosing her jib boom, bulwarks, stanchions,  on both sides deck planks and waterways opened up,  outside planking started to loosen and come away from the hull,  some of the treenails being out from the side an inch.  She was making water fast,  and fortunately reached port when she did.
She carried a crew of 7 men, 6 British and one German.


the sides of a ship above the deck
jib boomA section of the bowsprit near the front of the boat that fly’s a small triangular sail called the jib.
A vertical post, usually of metal tube, supporting the guard rail or lifelines which surround the decks.
In or of the month before the present one

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