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7 December 2015

Captain’s Point Jervis Bay

Paul Newman sent us these amazing images,  Paul served with the Australian Navy on submarines.  He now works in the old Engineering Workshops at Creswell.
       Paul saw the previous post about the building of the railway at Captains Point and thought we might like to see some of the images gracing the walls of the facility.
        There are no dates associated with the images but most would be from around 1913 –1915.


This image shows some of the original wharf with small sailing vessels tied up to their moorings. Particularly interesting is the silhouetted figure of a well dressed lady standing on the wharf.

Here we see most of the Engineering Workshops have been constructed,  including the Power House, the coal to generate power was supplied by small coastal steamers.
The image above shows the railway line running along the shoreline.
This photo would have been taken much later,  most of the facility was complete and operating.
Paul went out and took a few images to show what is left of the old wharf.
This photo shows us what is left of the rock shelf that was named Captain’s Point.   Most of it was covered by the original breakwater,  leaving this small section jutting out into the bay.
The black and white image shows the point before it was covered.
The  present day wharf, with some of the original Engineering Workshops,  now heritage listed.

Sun bakers - By the 1930’s the Great Depression had hit Australia hard, the government deemed the college to expensive to operate as a training facility and moved the cadets to H.M.A.S Cerberus in Victoria.
           Many of the buildings were leased to private operators as a holiday resort. This picture shows holiday makers sunbaking and swimming inside the protection of the breakwater.
        The college was re-established as a training facility for the navy in January 1958.

We would like to thank Paul for sending us the photo’s.

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