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18 November 2015

Step back in time.

The picture below is a hand drawn image that appeared in the Australian Town and Country Journal” in a story about Huskisson,  it featured this image of a ship being built on the shores of Currambene Creek in 1883.
Visit the Museum today, and take a step back in time 132 years.

This beautiful hull was purchased from Mr. Arthur Williams from Batemans Bay in 1986 after a lot of work by John Hatton,  John was the Member of the South Coast and also Chairman of the Lady Denman Restoration and Historic Site Committee at the time.

John and his dedicated team of volunteers worked for many years to get the then named “Lady Denman Heritage Complex” to where it is today, one of the premium regional maritime and heritage museums in Australia.

The committee had a plan to build a boat shed much like the original sheds that once stood on the banks of Currambene Creek,  and this boat frame would be the perfect centre piece once the shed was built.



Alf demonstrating how to use a broad axe.

 Alf Settree the last wooden boat builder had his sheds and slipway near the entrance to Currambene Creek at Huskisson, he designed and help build the boat shed in the traditional manner,  the shed is named in his honour.

In 2001 this beautiful old hull was nearly destroyed in the Christmas day fires that savaged the region.
Fortunately the fire was bought under control and the frame suffered only minor damage.


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