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26 November 2015

1885 Huskisson

The Life and times – Police V. Parnell.
The Shoalhaven Telegraph July 1885
  In this case two information's had been laid against the defendant (Thomas Parnell), one charging him with allowing 8 logs of timber to be on the roadway in Currumbene-street, Huskisson, to the interruption of travellers ; the other for trailing certain logs on Owen and Currumbene streets to the prejudice of the road way.
       The defendant pleaded guilty to both information's. Mr. Jas. Thompson appeared for the defendant, and stated that his client had pleaded guilty as it appeared that the principal witness for the prosecution, Mr. George Dent, Sen., was away in Sydney owing to the death of a brother-in-law, and sooner than have the case postponed and bring his client here from Tomerong on two such paltry charges, his client had pleaded guilty.
        The Bench allowed the defendant to make a statement on oath, which was to the effect that the logs, about thirty foot long, were placed on the side of the road. As a matter of fact, did not interfere with the traffic. The logs wore takentakou down to the wharf on only one timber carriage, because Mr. Dents fence was so near to the wharf that it was impossible to turn two timber carriages there. Of course if he used two timber carriages there would be no trailing ; but on account of Mr. Dent's fence only one timber carriage could be used. Mr. Thompson addressed the Bench, pointing out the paltry nature of the  charge, and his client was suffering because the Government had allowed Mr. Dent to take his fence so close to the wharf, and that as matters now stood it was impossible to take timber to the wharf without, trailing it, he thought the Bench perfectly justified in dismissing both information’s.
    The Bench inflicted a penalty of 2s 6d and -Is 1Od costs.
Charlos Pepper and — Pepper were charged with the same offence and fined a similar amount.

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