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30 July 2015

World War One – Jervis Bay

The Shoalhaven Telegraph Wednesday 12 August 1914 - 1915

As the war raged in Europe,  life around the bay went on.

The gardens at the newly constructed Naval College were a matter of concern from the head gardener from the Federal Capital.

A Bachelors Ball was held with visitors from Sydney,  Nowra,  Huskisson,  Tomerong,  and other centres coming in good numbers,  the College Orchestra supplied splendid music and the supper was dainty and good.

Other dances were arranged trying to raise funds for the Huskisson School of Arts,  The present day Huskisson Pictures.

The disastrous war being waged has had it’s effect on the holiday traffic,  and although the accommodation houses had their complements they were not overtaxed.

1915 The Shipbuilding family the Dents arranged dances to raise funds for the wounded soldiers

But war was never to far from peoples minds.


Great interest in being taken in the war,  and many wonder what the position will be in the event of a hostile fleet appearing off the bay.  As this is not  fortified no enemy can bombard,  etc.,  even though the future work of the college is to train officers of war.
It is hoped the Government will not be forced to reduce hands,  who would naturally go to over-manned centres.


What a remarkable piece of art.
  A mother and child gripped in fear, sharing straight out of the page, puts you in two positions,  one as an observer and one as the enemy,  the skill used by the artist to conveyed fear and emotion with  a few simple shapes and shadows can’t be ignored.


In Remembrance of the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the first world war the museum has a remarkable collection of images on display until September taken at Gallipoli – Continue Reading 


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