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8 July 2015

World War One Exhibition.

Appeal for Recruits.

While the first wave of Australian Soldiers were entrenched in a bloody struggle for survival on the foothills of Gallipoli,  Newspapers were starting to report on the carnage and brutal nature of the situation,  news of the mounting casualties were starting to effect the enlistment rates.
Emotional appeals and illustrations were used to get more men to enlist.
This emotive, appeal for recruits appeared in the Shoalhaven Telegraph in 1915.


The Jervis Bay Recruiting Association have issued the following circular:-

Tomerong, October 27th, 1915.

Men of Tomerong,  Huskisson,  Falls Creek,  and Wandandian.

The need for soldiers is greater now than at any time since the war was forced upon us,  15 months ago.

More soldiers are wanted at Gallipoli.
    400,000 more are required in the Balkan Peninsula.
Have you read the brutal murder of Nurse Edith Carvell?.
    Have you read of the horrible atrocities everywhere committed by our cruel,  unscrupulous,  and inhuman enemies?.
    Are you willing to your wives to the power of the German Huns?.
No Conscription or Compulsion is necessary.
     Your brethren at Gallipoli call on you to help them.
Your women call on you to protect them.
      Your country calls on you to defend it.
Your King appeals to you in a noble,  dignified and earnest manner for your help.
      Are you going to refuse all these appeals?.
Avoid the inevitable future reproaches that await you.
      Join the forthcoming Route March from Nowra to Sydney with your mates on the South Coast.

By Order of the Association
Hon.  Sec.  Jervis Bay Recruiting Association.


Another hand drawn image from the front pages of the Illustrated Sydney Mail 1915.


The illustration above is a very clever, guilt laced, emotional piece of artwork.

The Museum has an amazing collection of images taken at Gallipoli,  running through to September.  Don’t miss it – More Information.

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