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1 December 2014

Local place Names.

Do you sometimes wonder where the names of local places originated?
Here a just a few that were transcribed by The Hon, Geo Thornton, MLC who is understood to be one of the best living authorities on the language of the Aborigines.

Geo Thornton’s knowledge was arrived at from many years of camping with the Aboriginals about Wollongong, Kiama and Jervis Bay, he goes on.  “I dare to say that you know, too that the aboriginal dialect differed much within distances of 70 or 80 miles. For example the language of the Sydney aboriginals was quite unidentifiable to those of the Kiama and Shoalhaven.”

Cooroombong – corrupted to Currumbene Creek.
WandiwandianWandandian – means home of lost lovers.
BerrewerriBehwerrie – a crossing place.
Moonah – is the name of the inside of Jervis Bay.
Booderee – that of the entrance between the heads of Jervis Bay.

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