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4 December 2014

Hopper Punt.

Not all the vessels built at Huskisson had the grace and outlines of the tall sailing ships or steam boats.
The shipbuilders also built working punts, and in this case a Hopper Punt was launched at Huskisson in 1908.

At 106ft long and 24ft wide and a carrying capacity of 300 tons it’s still quite a substantial vessel, taking many months to build and still had to endure being towed across open ocean with all that entails to Sydney Harbour.

You might ask:- What is a Hopper punt?….I know I did!
It’s a flat floored lighter for carrying soil or mud, with a hopper or receptacle in it’s centre, to contain the lading. – ( load or cargo )

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Wednesday 24 June 1908, page 10

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