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20 May 2014

Lady Denman collides with Submarine.


DAMAGE TO DENMANOn this day 20th May 1960.
50 years after being launched at Huskisson the Lady Denman was still in service on Sydney Harbour. After successfully crisscrossing the harbour thousands of times full of passengers, she suffered severe damage to her hull after colliding with HMS Anchorite
The collision with HMS Anchorite took place at night, it must have been a frightening experience for all on board, the repairs to the ferry took a week.

hms_anchorite 1_p_422 . HMS Anchorite was an Amphion-class submarine of the Royal Navy, built by Vickers Armstrong and launched 22 January 1946.
. In 1953 she took part in the Fleet Review to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
. Anchorite was, in 1960, the 1st RN submarine to visit Tonga since the Second World War.
. Meaning: ( meaning, female: anchoress from Ancient Greek).

ANCHORITEAnchorite was damaged on 3 October 1960, striking an uncharted rock in Hauraki Gulf off New Zealand, The rock is now known as Anchorite Rock on the nautical charts of the area at depth, 16 m, 36°26'S 175°8'E.
The Anchorite was broken up for scrap in Troon Scotland in 1970.
The Royal Navy HMS Anchorite was one of ten submarines stationed in Sydney during the years 1949 to 1969. They were offered to the Royal Australian Navy for training purposes, the flotilla usually comprising 3 or 4 ships. The Anchorite was one of the “A” class (others were Aurochs and Andrew) in service during the period 1957-1960, and they were replaced by the “T” class submarines in 1960

collision with ship trove capture - newspaper article  


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