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22 October 2013

Wreck of the Steamer Plutus 1882 – Currarong NSW

 Part of this areas Maritime History.

plutus-portholeThis was collected from the sand around the site of the wreck of the Plutus around 1976.
Newspaper Story of the Steamer Plutus
Details of the Plutus.

In those days I use to dive with a true legend in Australian Diving John Sumner.
John is regarded as one of the leading authorities on Australian Shipwrecks and has explored many, many wrecks around the Australian Coastline. He has an unrivaled passion for Wrecks, especially their bells.

We did many dives together over many years, sometimes in difficult conditions with limited visibility and rough sea conditions. John had this amazing ability to find objects where others couldn’t.

John Sumner also has a unique collection of shipwreck postcards.

Wreck Remains – Google Earth.

Australian Geographic historic-shipwrecks-around-australia

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