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26 October 2013

The Dunbar 1857



Dunbar Relic
In 1857 the Dunbar was driven into the steep cliff face just south of the entrance to Sydney Harbour leaving only one survivor.

in 1974 I joined the Canterbury Underwater Club established by
John Sumner in the 60’s
On one of my first club dives on the Dunbar I found this large 80mmx90mm belt buckle.
On subsequent dives I found other objects.
I have recently handed in the few relics I have from those days.
The Dunbar has been dived hundreds of times by divers and I'm sure there must be some amazing relics sitting in garages all over Sydney.

Read the tragic story of the Dunbar
button door-handlespike 

(1) A hand embossed button, (2) what took me a while to figure out was a part of a door handle the bit that sips over the door spindle, it’s missing the knob and (3) a brass spike.
I will post a few more later.

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