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12 September 2018

Early photo's of Jervis Bay

Bill Todd grew up at Huskisson, his family have a long association with the area.  Members of his family are featured in the beautifully illustrated book on the Shoalhaven available from the museum. Bill kindly lent me a couple of his photo's of when he was a young boy growing up on the bay.

His family owned a house on the waterfront on Elizabeth drive overlooking the Bay.


Bill is the young boy in the photograph dated 1969. The waterfront at this time had been cleared of all vegitation.


This photo is of an old house his family owned on Coulon Street which runs off Frank Lewis Drive near Woollamia Boat Ramp. The house has since been demolished with a new dwelling built on the site.

These photos are from a badly worn and faded photograph of Huskisson. You can see the old boat building sheds on the left of the picture which at one time dominated the Huskisson waterfront.



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