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5 July 2018

Whales and War ships.

Ships in the Bay
This morning the suns golden glow illuminated Hobart Class Guided Missile Destroyer, HMAS Hobart 111 as she headed to sea to conduct gun firing practice off shore from Jervis Bay.  In the foreground a pod of aproximately 12 Humpback whales were making their way north on their yearly migration.


HMAS Hobart 111, was moored near HMAS Creswell during the night, I took the following pictures before the sun had breached the horizon.   The ship was illumated by bright red lights.


HMAS Choules is also in the bay at the moment.
HMAS Choules is a Landing Ship Dock (LSD) which was originally commissioned into service with the Royal Navy in 2006.


HMAS Hobart plowing through the small north swell as she leaves the bay.



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