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18 May 2018

Freighter in trouble off Jervis Bay - 1954

Fine weather and an offshore wind combined to save the British freighter Saint Edmund's from coming ashore on the coast near Jervis Bay.


Tuesday 18 May - The 7,174-ton British freighter Saint Edmunds with Captain P.Ditton in command and 40 crew was on a voyage from Adelaide to Newcastle to load wheat for India.

11.30 am - In calm seas she suddenly came to an unexpected stop, an investigation found she had lost her propeller.image
The Jervis Bay Lighthouse keeper reported seeing her drifting only 10 miles off Jervis Bay. He said the ship was in no danger at that time.  Fortunately the weather was calm with a slight offshore westerly blowing which kept the vessel off the shore.


6.45 p.m - The Waratah Tug Company tug Woona, left Sydney harbour and was expected to cover the 87 miles to Saint Edmund's by first light. image

Wednesday 19 May - Tow lines were attached and the journey to Sydney was undertaken.
saint edmund

Crew members on the ocean going tug Woona adjusting the tow lines attached to the Saint Edmund's

Thursday 20 May
  - The disabled Freighter was towed safely into Sydney Harbour and berthed at No 1 Circular Quay before going into  Mort's Dock for repairs.

Crew members when interviewed about the incident said the ship would certainly have gone ashore if it wasn't for the offshore breeze.

The freighter was expected to resume her voyage to Newcastle the following Monday.


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