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13 March 2018

John Hill

john hillIn what has been a shock to his many friends John Hill passed away this week from complications during surgery.
I met John Hill in 2013 when I started volunteering at the Lady Denman  Heritage Complex (as it was known then), and as he still liked to refer to it.  We immediately hit it off with a common interest in videoing, editing and photography.  He worked tirelessly for the "Denman" 5 days a week,  always opened the complex early, and was instrumental in installing, updating and repairing the museums computer systems.  He hand built the museums sophisticated interactive maps which are still on display today, and installed the video monitor displays.  He was the go-to man when it came to keeping the museums lighting, electronic, and computer systems running,  saving the museum many thousands of dollars in maintenance fees.   His contribution to the day to day running and installation of the changing displays at the "Denman" were instrumental in the museum receiving the many awards it has won over the years.  He would be seen at every market day recording the day's events on video.  He had a lifelong interest in flying, and when flying drones came onto the market he quickly bought himself one. We would spend many sunny calm mornings on the museum wharf flying his drones around and over the Denman.   Recently we had be making plans to film some of the historic sites around Jervis Bay and putting together a video.   He was a good friend and will be greatly missed by all his friends and colleagues... RIP John.


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