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4 December 2017

On this Day December 3 1840

imageThe township of Huskisson was approved by Governor, Sir George Gipps on December 3, 1840.
Named after the Minister for the British Army in the 1820's, Huskisson was later run over by a locomotive whilst he was taking to the Duke of Wellington. 100 lots in Huskisson sold for 3500 pounds in 1841.
By the 1800's Huskisson was the centre of a thriving ship building industry The Vessel Lady Denman was one of the most famous to be built there.  Ship building continued right up to 1966.
In 1988 Huskisson had a population of 1,000.

Sir George Gipps - 5 October 1837 – 2 August 1846

37 Huskisson Wharf 1914_1
Huskisson 1914.


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