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26 July 2017

Jervis Bay Entertainment -1904

You may wonder what local Jervis Bay people did for entertainment 113 years ago. It seems there was no shortage of good fun to be had.

On an exceptionally fine day in January, a large number of people gathered on the banks of Currambene Creek Huskisson to help celebrate Anniversary Day?  where the St. Vincents Sailing Club was hosting a sports carnival.

One of the exciting events was a sailing boat race out through the entrance of Currambene Creek into the bay, where a course of marker buoys had been laid out. The banks of Currambene Creek were lined with people to witness the event.   At 2 p.m.. the boats Leonie, Lizzie, Alexandra, Delmar, Phyllis and the Wanderer left Huskisson Wharf for the starting point ahead of a strong Nor'-easter, which would make the sailing challenging and difficult.  Despite the strong wind, the race got underway, Wanderer soon broke her rudder,  putting her out of the race.   Mr F. Dent's launch followed the boats out and around the buoys.  Leonie had a lead of two minutes with the other four boats battling the conditions together.  The boats had to complete the course twice, with Leonie crossing the finish line an unchallenged clear winner, arriving 7 minutes before the second placed Delmar.

Other fun events were also held, one notable event being the duck race and not any ordinary duck race, this one involved a Mr J May acting as the duck, while other participants tried to capture him. He managed to elude his pursuers for 10 minutes before being caught.  There was also a rowing race along Currambene Creek.  In the evening prizes were awarded at the home of Mr Fred Dent.

It sounds like a lot of fun.


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