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15 September 2016

Cape St George.

After being replaced by the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, The Cape St George Lighthouse was still causing concern and confusion for coasting vessels,  especially when the white painted  tower would almost glow under a bright full moon.    The authorities deemed the old light a navigation hazard and the navy was employed to use the tower for target practice and bring it down.  What you see now are the remains of the once beautiful hand made lighthouse, strewn across the ground just the way it was after being demolished in such an undignified way.

By visiting the old ruins you will get a magnificent view of the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse.


The museum has on very interesting collection of artifacts from the lghthouse on display.  It’s well worth the effort to come along to the museum and delve into the local history.

If you would like to see other posts and photographs of the old light, type Cape St George into the search box on the right…



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