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9 March 2016

Jervis Bay

8th March 2016. A spectacular strange start to the day. The air was very still and clear, there was no indication anything extrodinary was going to happen.
fog35am  - the sky was clear and Point Perpendicular could be clearly seen. The last of the moon was still visable and Jupiter was the brightest star in the sky.
IMG_16645.30 am -  Looking back at Huskisson…the fog started to rise and was illuminated by the neighbourhood lights.
fog17.30 am - As the sun rose the fog started to sweet across the bay, at this stage you can still just make out Point Perpendicular – 30 minutes later you could hardly see the headland in the foreground.
IMG_17988.00 am – Point Perpendicular had disappeared, the sun was a strange dull glow. nearly all the colour had disappeared creating an almost black and white world.

9.am - Currambene Creek looked particuarly beautiful.



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