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29 February 2016

The Barque Carleton on fire off Jervis Bay.

1894 - The barque Clarleton arrived in the port of Newcastle after an eventful voyage from Rio Janiero.

imageThe steel barque 'Carleton' – This image has no known copyright restrictions

August 15th.
During the trip one of the crew member Fredrick Rolston contracted smallpox,  but the captain had him isolated and after two weeks he had recovered.


One of the worst situations a ship at sea can have happen in the outbreak of fire. The Carleton crew found themselves in this situation while passing Jervis Bay at midnight on September the 10th.  Dealing with an out of control fire on board a ship in a confined space, would have been a frightening situation for the captain and crew to find themselves in.


Fire on board.
10 September Midnight
When off Jervis Bay the vessel suddenly caught fire after the steward carrying a naked lamp had fallen into the lazarette hold onto a bale of oakum.

As the flames could not be extinguished a portion of the cabin deck had to be cut away.  Water was then poured into the hold,  and the fire was extinguished.  The fire had been burning fiercly for 4 hours causing extensive damage to the ships stores,  estimated to cost 200 pounds.

After arriving in port the vessel was fumigated and admitted to partique.

- permission granted to a ship to have dealings with a port, given after quarantine or on showing a clean bill of health.

Lazarette Hold - Also called glory hole. "Nautical". a small storeroom within the hull of a ship, especially one at the extreme stern.– a storage place below the quarterdeck.

A barquentine or schooner barque (alternatively "barkentine" or "schooner bark") is a sailing vessel with three or more masts; with a square rigged foremast and fore-and-aft rigged main, mizzen and any other masts.


Oakum is a preparation of tarred fibre used in shipbuilding for caulking or packing the joints of timbers in wooden vessels and the deck planking of iron and steel ships



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