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2 September 2015

Jervis Bay bits

An amusing “tail”
This short story was found in the  Dungong Chronicle: Durum and Gloucester Advertiser – 1894.

A correspondent at Jervis Bay sends the following veracious story to a Shoalhaven paper: — 'Whilst Mr. Pepper was out in the forest timber cutting, the other day, he spied a large old man kangaroo bounding towards him on a track that led close by a tree where Mr Pepper was standing. Behind this the wary farmer planted himself, and as the huge animal landed beside him in a bound in passing,  Mr. Pepper with one spring was astride of the kangaroo, which nothing daunted, sprang along with renewed vigour.  Gradually the jerking on to the ground slipped the daring rider over the tail, to which, however, young Australia held on until the animal was compelled to slacken pace. A few strokes of a club finished the struggle. The tail was a splendid prize, and the kangaroo a fit load only for a horse.


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