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3 April 2015

1928 S.S. Merimbula runs aground


S.S. Merimbula shortly after running ashore and before she broke her back and slipped beneath the waves.

Yesterday IMG_5193I took a walk out to the remains of the S.S. Merimbula, 87 years after this beautiful coastal steamer ran aground on the reef adjacent to Bosom Beach Currarong , the elements have almost totally claimed what remains of the ship,  a few riveted, rusted pieces of steel, with a few small fragments of wood attached and a large piece of steel pipe with a rusted flange and bolts still in place,  is all that is left above the water to indicate the wreck site.

The few parts remaining have been moved over the years by the large waves that smash this exposed reef.   When I first saw this wreck in 1979, there was still a bow that you could recognise, and large pieces of timber decking attached,  it was in a different position to the pieces of wreckage remaining today.

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