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27 January 2015

Winter sport at Jervis Bay.

“Gill-birds make nice pies”
In 1912 an article appeared in the Sydney Mail under the heading “Outdoor Australia”
with the sub heading “Winter Sport at Jervis Bay.”

“The little township of Huskisson, which has only sprung up of late years, has become a favourite resort for fishermen and shooters.   There is comfortable accommodation in the boarding houses, a fine beach for surfing, splendid fishing, and in winter time Gillbirds coming in numbers afford good shooting and make nice pies.”

This had me thinking, what are Gill Birds
I had never heard the term before, then I remember seeing an interesting photo in the Denman’s collection.  There was no explanation attached to the photo, it actually looked a little strange.
It showed a well dressed man, holding a string of birds in the main street of Huskisson.

Here he is, standing next to a vehicle, packed with luggage and well dressed people,,,Where are they going?. where is he going? why does he have a string of dead birds in his hand?

This photo leaves us wondering.


Gill - Birds in this case, turned out to be a species better know as the Wattlebird. There known for their queer almost human call, suppose to be “Polly, be careful, Pickpocket.” is rather appropriate, as they are great fruit thieves, though also insectivorous.”


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