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29 September 2014

When Jervis Bay turned green

Who remembers when Jervis Bay turned bright green.
It happened in 2001, it was really amazing to witness, It was so green even the clouds above were green from the reflection.
It happened quickly, only taking a few days to completely cover the whole bay.
I remember it caused great concern at the time, but eventually it was found to be harmless, but the authorities still advised caution when entering the water.

I remember Husky pool turned almost fluro green as well.

I'm having trouble finding out any more information about the algae, if you can help out please don’t hesitate to contact us.
jan1st 2000

This photo is from the CSIRO and clearly shows just how amazing this strange event was.

Comment from:
Ian Osterloh i remember it well, I can't remember exact details off the top of my head nut I'm guessing it was 'Noctiluca' which is a species of dinoflagellate. It can be either a red or green bloom and in this case a green but quiet often you will see red. Usually caused by by nutrient rich water from upwellings... and because the bay is shallow with plenty of light penetrating throughout the entire water column it provides great growing conditions.
Realistically the bay is a great location for blooms like this as it is a shallow bay giving it great growing conditions close to the shelf making susceptible to plenty of upwellings of nutrient rich water.

Thanks Ian, I new someone out there had some more details.

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