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13 August 2014

Reported in the Brisbane Courier Mail 9th June 1891- the disappearance to the steam ship Taramung, and the discovery of wreckage near Jervis Bay.



picture from state library of victoria Description: print : wood engraving.
Image consists of main sketch of steamship and an inset with portrait of its captain.
Captain Page.
Around 30 years of age, he was well known as a careful and capable ship master.
Taramung was his first command and he had served on her for three years.
the late captain page
At the time of her disappearance she was reported to have been “deeply laden with 1672 tons of coal”, but not over laden, and still 2inches above her water line. She was employed on her regular run between Newcastle and Melbourne and was due to arrive in Melbourne on the 2nd of June 1891.

30th May 11pm - She left port with fine weather, but shortly after a fierce S.E. gale set in, raising a tremendous sea. Other vessels much more powerful than the Taramung had as much as they could do to face the seas, and even the P.and O. mail steamer Carthage shipped seas forward for hours in a most alarming manner.

June 1st - Reports recorded she was last seen by the S.S. Federal off the coast of Jervis Bay and appeared to be going along all right. She failed to pass Gabo Island and it’s feared she may have foundered in the gale battering the coast.
 Wreckage found by Tomerong fisherman.
A telegram from Melbourne says that a quantity of wreckage has been found in Wreck Bay.
It was from Joachim Moss, a fisherman of Tomerong, and was addressed to the telegraphic authorities. The message stated that he had that day found on the beach at Wreck Bay a quantity of wreckage, including a vessel's wheel 4ft. in diameter, a ship's barometer newly broken, and a wrecked ship's boat with the oars marked " s.s. Taramung."
Conflicting report - Tamamung Safe.
Another telegram was recieved stating that the Tamarang had arrived safely at Melbourne, but subsequently it was learned that the steamer Easby had been mistaken for the Taramung.
taramung Unfortunate Passage.
The number of souls on board was 23 including one unfortunate passenger Miss Moss, who had been on a visit to her sister at Newcastle. On the morning of the day the Taramung left Newcastle this young lady received news of the death of her father at Melbourne, and booked by this vessel as being the quickest means of returning.

As unfortunate as Miss Moss’s story is, there is another of good fortune.
Mr. Anderson, the second engineer of the Turamung, was not with her on this trip, he having remained in Melbourne to undergo one of his examinations for the qualification of chief engineer.

S.S.TARAMUNG. -- Capt. Page.
1880 – Taramung -  built by Russell at Cartsdyke Glasgow Scotland in 1880 for Carson & McIlwraith Melbourne Australia.
Launched on the 13th Jan a iron screw-steamer of the following dimensions.
Length, 246 feet, breadth of beam 33 feet 6 inches, depth of hold, 16 feet 6 inches, and 1281 tons gross.

Link to digitised item: http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/258514

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