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27 January 2014

HMAS Creswell

A brief History.
Some of you may not be aware of the rich history of HMAS Creswell located at Captains Point Jervis Bay.
Selected as the location for the (RANC) Royal Australian Naval College in 1911 with the main buildings completed in 1915.

593-Swimming-Pool-Creswell-rs Holiday Accommodation.
By the 1930’s the great depression had gripped the nation, funding cuts forced the closure of the college and the buildings were leased as hotels and guesthouses.

Here we see the base being used as a holiday destination.

1956 and the government decided to return the RANC to Creswell, with the base back in full operation by 1958.

1987 The Staff Training School was established.

1993, the RAN School of Survivability and Ship Safety was relocated to the base.

775-Admin-Block--rs 1998, The navy’s Lead Authority for leadership and management training was established.

The base has undergone various changes over the years, The whole site is on the National Heritage Register, the old buildings are beautifully kept and essentially look the way they did when they were first built.

Recently the base had large amounts of money injected into infrastructure, this will keep the base at the forefront of Cadet Training, firefighting, damage control, and nuclear, biological and chemical defence training.

Before September 11th you were able to do scenic drives around the base, but unfortunately since the September 11th tragedy you can no longer enter the base unless you have prior permission.

Creswell---rs married-quarters-creswell--rs Clock-Tower---rs


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