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30 September 2013

Ships Ships and more Ships

The bay is starting to fill up with War Ships, I haven’t had a chance to have a look myself yet, but from a few reports there’s quite a few at anchor off Creswell already. Ill be off early in the morning to have a peek and shoot a coupe of pictures.

The ladies manning the Lady Denman Information Center have been getting plenty of inquiries for accommodation and boat tour details, it will be a good couple of days for the local economy.

The preparations for the Family, Food and Fun Day is going full steam ahead, so lets hope we can encourage some of the visitors to the area to come along and be apart of the celebrations.

Unfortunately we had one of our beautiful Fun Day advertising banners  stolen from a property on the highway, they had to climb two fences to cut it down….some people have no respect and very small brains…

But on a happier note, we have a nice big banner on the approach to Huskisson telling everyone about the day..

Telegraph News Report about the ships in Jervis Bay.

Australian and visiting foreign warships anchored at Creswell, Jervis Bay.

Courtesy of the Telegraph

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